Chriskelv Estate Limited is a company duly registered in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and retains a threshold for sale, purchase and development of properties. The company has operated an efficient and effective real estate business for over a decade and delivers exceptional value to her clients.

Chriskelv Estate Limited's major business include property consulting, estate management, buisnes and finance and the built enviroment and essentially the valuation and management of land and buildings in the public and private sector.
The success of our company's buisness will be determined by our ability to maintain our:


What we do

Properties Sale and Rent/Lease

We provide you with updated listings on potential sales and leasing of properties in Nigeria.

Reliable Agents

We provide reliable agents for real estate properties in Nigeria

Professional Consultation

We give Advice on real estate matters. ranging from issues to investments.

Why Choose Us?

Whether you’re buying, selling or just surfing Chriskelv Estate has something for you. We provide services for buyers, sellers, renters, finding agents, finding mortgage lenders etc.


With over ten years in the property and real estate business, Chriskelv Estate Ltd remains a reliable real estate company in Nigeria. we have impressive bouquet of sellable and rentable houses, flats, lands etc. Buyers and sellers can use our website as a medium between both parties.